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Monday, June 2, 2008

I guess congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wentz. *claps* I feel sorry for all those FOB fans out there, especially the ones that are crazy over this boy. Boohoo for you people. Haha. Kidding. I'm being such a meanie. >:)

I read that since the first time Pete laid his eyes on Ashlee he knew that she was the one he was gonna spend the rest of his life with. *hangs* It's pretty weird to hear something like that come out of a mouth of a rockstar huh? I guess that just goes to show that people that look strong (sorry, can't find a better word) on the outside can really be soft and mushy on the inside. I must say that Ashlee Simpson HAS found a keeper. Let's just see how long these two will last. ;)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and ladies, don't even consider holding your breath.

And now for One Tree Hill Season 5 news.

I'm gonna spoil it for you guys. Mwaha. Well, to all you Peyton and Lucas fans out there, prepare to be shattered. This season is set after 4 years since the last season. That means, they're all college graduates and have their own jobs/careers. Anyway, back to Peyton and Lucas. I'm sorry to tell you guys but Lucas got a new girl. Yes, I know. Sucks right? Brooke and Lucas breaking up was bad enough (sorry, I'm a big BruCas fan), and him hooking up with Peyton was bad too. But a new girl? Sheesh. Just shows us that you can do anything with eyes like his.. And a body like his too. ;) Let me show you a picture of the girl.

What do you guys think? Hmm.

12:11 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008
Spent the day out with my Carlo. :) We went to Glo to watch Iron Man. It was actually my second time to watch it. Haha. :) But I don't really think he understood the movie.. So I had to explain it to him. Lol. :)) I had fun doing it though. Anywaaay. After the movie we went around to look for a place to eat cause he got hungry. He wanted to eat something cold so we ended up eating Ice Monster. :) It was really sweet cause everything was HIS treat. He didn't want me to spend cause our family's experiencing some financial problems.. Basta he was really sweet about the whole thing. Saying that he didn't want me to spend anything so I could help my mom save. Where do you find guys like that nowadays, huh? Well, I have one. And I feel so damn lucky to have him in my life. :)

I gave him my gift which was.. (drumroll please)

Personalized drumsticks!

Haha. :)) I didn't wanna give him ordinary ones so I made them special. I think he liked it. Haha. :)

Okay, I'm ending this blog entry na. I'm tired and I feel sleepy. Haha. As usual. Carlo doesn't call me antukin for no reason. :) So let me just leave you guys with some of our pictures today.

2:59 AM

Friday, May 23, 2008
The net's acting all crappy today for some reason. What a timing. They picked the only day of the entire week I get to use the internet again. Way to go people.
Anyway, I'm really not gonna let that ruin my awesome day. Haha. :) I'm going on a date with Carlo tomorrow. Uhuh. I'm so excited. Haha. I'll give him my late monthsary gift. Okay, I'm totally gonna spill the beans now. They're drumsticks. ;) But not just any kind. They're SPECIAL. *wink* Haha. :)) THAT part, I'm not gonna tell.. well at least until Carlo sees them first. ;) So, suspense for now.
Oh! Look what I did..

I had fun playing with my eyes. Haha. I just wanted to see how I'd look with a different eye color and mind you.. IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. Haha. :)) Hazel brown eyes for me, thankyouverymuch.
Okay, let me post an excerpt from Carlo's text message last night.
But I just want you to know that I will ALWAYS love you and I'm here to fight for YOU no matter what happens.
I seriously got chills when I read that. Haha. See, we had a fight last night. I don't wanna remember what it was about. We forgive and forget. ;) Anyway, that's a part of what he said when I told him that I didn't wanna talk to him first. SUHWEET. Haha.
Oh yeah, COOK won. In your face ARCHIE. =))
Okay, I need to catch on my beauty rest for tomorrow. ;) Adios.

5:43 AM

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yes. I was really planning to take photography as a course for college. But my mom didn't want cause it had no stable soruce of income, according to her. Sheesh. I really am passionate about it. Cause I think that you can express yourself fully through the pictures that you take eh. Every tells a different story..

Hmm. Oh well. It'll be my sideline na lang. ;)

I told my mom that I want an SLR for my graduation. Actually, my laptop was supposed to be my advanced grad gift. Haha. :) But I think she forgot. I swear, I'll sell my camera just to buy an SLR. @-)

Okay, I'll share more pictures.

2:21 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2008
This day was, hmm.. bittersweet. Well I spent most of the day with my mom which was great. Watched Vanessa Carlton's concert with her and everything. It was fun. :)

But, I just can't seem to rid off that unpleasant feeling I have deep down in the pit of my stomach. I know there's something wrong between Carlo and I. I can feel it. :( I can't say why I feel this way; it's really very private. I dunno. The last time I felt like this was when he and I drifted apart a few months back. FUCK. I don't like this feeling. I really don't. I feel so uneasy right now. I can't stay still and I can't sleep. I just need to vent.

I dunno, maybe I'm over thinking things again. I tend to do that. But hell, I really don't know. I think he's naiilang or something. FUCKER. :( Sorry for the excessive use of bad words, I just need to express myself.

I wanna cry, for no reason. I wanna jump to shake these feelings off. Or maybe I just need a good night's sleep. Wait scratch that.


Who's giving out free hugs? :(

7:44 AM

Hello bangs, my old friend, I've missed you. ;) I know it takes a lot of getting used to cause this is definitely a BIG change in my look. But I guess I just have to work it. ;)

How do I look? :)

7:09 AM

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jolas was evicted last night. I was shocked. I honestly thought Rona was gonna get cut. I dunno why but for some reason, I don't like Rona. (No offense to all her fans out there). Oh well. Maybe it's not her time YET. Haha. :) We'll just have to wait and see how she proves herself in the coming days.

I was also shocked when Robi got evicted. I wasn't able to watch the nomination night that week kasi eh. So if you watched it, enlighten me.

Now let's talk about the growing love teams inside the house. And I'm gonna start with the most controversial.

Nicole and Josef.

These two have been flirting with each other NON-STOP. Okay, I admit. I get kilig when they have their "special" moments, but that doesn't last that long. What makes me stop is the thought of Nicole and Josef having their respective others outside the house. I know you guys are all curious about how they look like. And you're just in luck! I found pictures of Nicole's boyfriend and Josef's girlfriend. Here they are.

Her name's Mica Ocampo. Gorgeous ain't she? Well, I've read that Josef met her through a gay friend. And while doing my research, I read this, it's an excerpt from Mica's blog.

P.S This is kinda long.
JOSEF naman, how could you?I cannot believe this. I cannot fucking believe
this.All I can say is WHAT THE ***. Seriously. I will not say mean things about
that girl here, I`ll just keep them to myself. But really, what the ***. Sooper
boy d mo Eli.I can`t believe this. No, I can`t believe YOU. You`re such a
disappointment. I knew that this Pbb thing would be a bad idea.And yes, I was
TOO.What the ***. Putangina. Wala na. While watching that scene, I couldn`t help
but cry.Understand me, I am waiting. But I don`t exactly know if I`m waiting for
something. Yun pala wala na tapos mukha nalang akong *** dito.I don`t know how
I`m supposed to feel. Up until today, I was so sure that he was mine no matter
what happens inside Pbb. But now, I`m not sure about anything anymore.Yes, maybe
it`s the pain talking or the bitterness, but every word I say right now shows
how I`m really feeling. Because right now, I don`t know how I feel. Here I am
again, back at square one. I`m stuck in a rut and I have no idea how to get out
of it. Good luck to me sleeping tonight. No, good luck to me on getting past
this.I was okay with the whole Pbb thing, I really was. Well, duh. I`m working
my ass off just to promote Eli. AND TAKE NOTE: I`M NEVER NORMALLY LIKE THIS.
ONLY NOOOW. And this is how he repays me? :I am hurt. I am BEYOND hurt. Hurt is
an understatement. I am not being petty, believe me.I know Eli, I know pag may
dinidiskartehan siya. And we started off as best friends. AND NOW THEY`RE "BEST
FRIENDS"?? HOW THE *** AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL?Now his words mean *** to me. They
really do. I let him join because I trusted him and I was sure that he loved me.
Now, I don`t know anymore. Well, fine. He may have my name on his arm, but
really, does that mean ANYTHING AT ALL now?I`m just frustrated,okay? I just want
to let this all out. I just want to vent. I just want to be alone and cry my
eyes out. I just want him back.PUTANGINA TALAGA.Pero to all my friends and to
all my new found friends (Eli`s fans.) :Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Your
comments and text messages cheered me up. But I`m still fucked up, but
nevertheless, they meant something. Sorry to those who texted tapos di ako
nagreply, I`m too torn up to reply. But sooper thank you. Sa lahat ng magandang
comments and sa lahat ng advices. Sa lahat din ng positive messages. I love you
all for that. But right now, I just need time to think and asked myself if this
is what I really want.Jesus Christ, help me. I don`t know what the hell I want
anymore. I don`t understand him. Usually, I can read his mind. But now, malabo
na eh. Lahat malabo na.*** THIS LIFE.I thought he`d be different. UGHHHH. I
don`t want to tell Peter in the end na, "sana nakinig nalang ako sayo." I WANT
broken right now. And I need to straighten my thoughts because really, this is
unacceptable to me. It really is. I may or may not eat my words after a day or
two, but right now, THIS is how I feel. I FEEL SHITTY. And I have every right to
throw a *** fit right now cause I hate what I`m seeing. And I hate the way I`m
feeling.And Eli, why can`t I read your mind?WHYYYY?I have a million questions
with no answers. I want to shoot myself in the head cause I`ll be up all night
asking myself, WHY.You know I love you. Oh God, at least I THINK you know
that.This is bullshit. It really is.But after all that`s been said and done, you
know you`ll always be my number one. :(I just want to escape reality. Take me
away, please? :(

OKAY. There's A LOT of drama going on. I really (thinks of a fitting word) sympathize this girl. She really loves Josef; it shows. I just wish he'd be more sensitive and careful with his actions inside the house. I think they need a reality check: IT'S AN ARTIFICIAL ENVIRONMENT GUYS.

Now, here are the pictures of Nicole's boyfriend, Gilo.

Nicole looks DRUNK.
And rumor has it, is that Nicole's known as a party girl in Cebu. So much for being conservative huh, Mommy Sandy?
Look, I have nothing against these two. I mean, it's their life. But I just hope that they realize that they're hurting people who love them outside.
That's why if any of you bloggers out there are planning to enter the house next year, leave all your commitments outside of the house. Because you'll never know when you'll fall in love.

9:09 PM